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Meet Author
A. Joshua Chiatovich

A. Joshua Chiatovich has been obsessed with two things for as long as he can remember: writing, and kung fu! In combining his two greatest passions he has created a unique world of fantasy, adventure, and martial arts! "I hope you love being in my world, there are many stories to be told here, I'll keep writing and I hope you'll keep reading!"

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My Story

I've been practicing martial arts and writing since I was a child, but never did I imagine that it would be my love and knowledge of kung fu that would lead to my career as an author. When the mantisdom began all I knew was I wanted to write a story about a praying mantis that did human kung fu, everything else was a mystery. Now, when I'm not practicing or teaching kung fu, I spend my days in a world of my own creation, what an amazing thing to be able to say! I love what I do, and I hope you do too! Without readers, an author is nothing, let's see how far we can go, together!


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